Pastor Prince Kampomo (red shirt and red cap) organized an African style ground breaking for foster home #1 in the Mpangeti village outside of Chikwawa, Malawi (add a map).  What makes the event African style is they used homemade gardening hoes to move earth and they actual started digging the foundation.  They performed real worI! Perhaps I should have provided a clear definition of “groundbreaking “.  Oh well.

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Participants include Pastor Prince Kampomo, the chief head man, local village chiefs, pastors and members of the local church (FWDC), members of Orphan Shade Malawi Board of Trustees, workers from M’Bandakucha Building Construction and village residents.

The 1/2 acre lot in the village was purchased in 2019.  Click the Purchase Land Post to read the story.

From left, Bishop Chilemba, Pastor Obert and Brother Lasken

Pastor Kampomo set the tone by digging a footer for the foundation In his work boots and borrowed hard hat. Most agreed that is was not a good look for the man....

M’Bandakucha workers display cement block samples they produced at their base.  These blocks will be used to build the structure of the home.

Read the Cement Block Post to find out about Ingenuity of reformulating the recipe for cement while materials are scarce.

A highlight was the presentation of a football (soccer ball) to the young men in the village.  Pictured from left are the Village Head Man, Pastor Kampomo and a young man from the village.

There were several reasons for the gift of the soccer ball.  The first is to open doors to sharing the gospel.  The second is to give boys and young men something to do.  The third reason is to encourage local men to help with simple construction jobs.  It is a way to engage the local community in the project.  Part of our model is to engage with the local community to both facilitate care for the orphans and drive sustainability.

Next steps include producing the cement blocks and the foundation.   We are very grateful that the Lord is exalted as we begin this journey.