Elizabeth lost both of her parents at age 5. An uncle was assigned as her guardian but was not able to provide for her. Elizabeth found herself living completely on her own. With nowhere to lay her head, she slept in a foul-smelling goat pen. She begged the residents of the village for food but frequently went to bed hungry.

Having compassion, a local village church woman (left) recommended we take her in.Elizabeth quickly requested a new name as there was already an Elizabeth in the family. Stacey Schierloh named her Ruth. With the help of Orphan Shade donors, Ruth’s life is forever changed.  She now has a new name, two parents, a healthy life, and sleeps in a real bed.

Ruth is a typical example of the children we rescue and raise. However, there is much to do to prepare her for life as an adult.


Education is critical to our vision for the children. We send our children to the local government school and supplement with after school learning at home led by a certified teacher. We establish stretch goals and celebrate their achievements. 

Mental heath is also essential to our vision. Our children have experienced significant trauma in their young lives. This trauma influences every child’s brain development and associated behaviors. We learn and apply methods to engage their brain to help them heal from their trauma.


We make significant provision in the children’s lives to strengthen and clean their body. We provide three nutritious meals daily and two snacks on a predictable schedule. The children also experience a radical change in hygiene. They bathe daily, brush their teeth and wash their hands regularly. Finally, the children are provided new clothing, underwear and shoes several times per year.


Most importantly we invest in the child’s spiritual life. The pastor from the local teaches Bible lessons to the children once per week. They follow along with the pastor using their own bible. The family participate in worship services at the local village church. The family also wake up at 4am to pray for the day. The children boldly pray for God’s protection, healing and direction.

Please help us raise the children. Consider making a recurring gift to support these children.

We have multiple opportunities to give to help raise a child.
Monthly Costs
Per child support (8 per home)
Per Volunteer parent  (2 per home)
Chicken feed/supplies monthly
$45 USD/mo
$60 USD/mo
$25 USD/mo