We have launched a new program to support the Orphan Shade children in Malawi with prayer. Kulera Mwana translates as “adopt a child” in the Chichewa language. Think of it as expanding your family with a child that is 9,000 miles away by the power of prayer.

The purpose of Kulera Mwana is to ensure that every Orphan Shade child has at least one adult who is committed to pray regularly for their present and future. In addition, we encourage each adult to develop a long-distance relationship with a child.

We ask interested adults to commit to the following.
  1. Consistent Prayer for child through age 18
  2. Write 2 letters per year
  3. Send one small inexpensive gift per year
  4. An ongoing donation of $35 per month to support the child (optional)
We have multiple opportunities to give. They include a one-time gift to construct and supply a new family home, monthly support of a child or supply of Chichewa language bibles to the local church.
Monthly Operating Costs
Per Child support (8 per home)
$45 USD/mo