Build a family home

If We Build It, They Will Come

We have been blessed to have a partnership with a well-known Malawian commercial builder. We were introduced to M’Bandakucha Construction in a miraculous way as you can read all about here. M’Bandakucha has an excellent reputation for well-designed and constructed buildings and schools.

Our home is designed to accommodate 8 children, 2 parents, and 1 guest. Our plan is to build the same home design over and over in multiple geographies. The home is built to withstand torrential rain, flooding, and high winds. The Pangeti home has survived two significant cyclones during the 2022 rainy season.

The home is very cost effective. We can build and furnish a 3-bedroom home for $42,500 USD. The home has no electricity or water service.

Raise orphans

It takes more than a village

We rescue young orphans who suffer from trauma from their parent’s death, food insecurity, have a high risk of sexual abuse, do not attend school and have a lack of care from their guardian. These are children who have learned to survive on their own.

We provide volunteer parents, a new home, regular meals, clothing, hygiene, school attendance, and a tutor. We provide hope where there was only hopelessness. But most of all, we introduce and instill the gospel of Jesus. 

We provide an opportunity for education, a career and a platform to make a tangible difference in their country. The family is supported by the local village church. The pastor provides oversight for the family. People tithe food to the church to help feed the family.

Kulera Mwana

Adopt a child

“Adopt a Child” translates to “Kulera Mwana” in the Chichewa language. This is our program to support the Orphan Shade children in Malawi through prayer. By adopting a child from 9,000 miles away, you can expand your family through the power of prayer.

Kulera Mwana aims to provide each Orphan Shade child with at least one dedicated adult praying regularly for their present and future, while also fostering long-distance relationships between adults and the children.

Equip the local church

To reach and save the lost

Part of our vision is to equip our local partner church grow as a result opening the Orphan Shade home and evangelizing in the area.

The family in the foster home needs a healthy and thriving church for local support, teaching, and leadership. Therefore, we invest in teaching and preaching in the local church.

Therefore, we invest by providing Chichewa language bibles to the local church in the villages where we operate.