Orphan Shade purchased a half acre (plus or minus) of land in the Mpangeti village. The land will be used to build the first home for double orphan children located in the village. The Mpangeti village is located on the west bank of the Shire river near the city of Chikwawa, Malawi.

The asking price for the land was 300,000 Kwacha.  The local pastors in Mpangeti took responsibility for negotiating on Orphan Shade's behalf.  It was critical that Prince not participate.  Prince explained to me that the seller will set the price and negotiate on the based on the smoothness or roughness of the buyers hands.  I asked for an explanation. He explained that the buyer with rougher hands (e.g. a farmer) will obtain a much lower price.  The deal was closed at a price of 200,000 Kwacha (~$270.00 USD).  Go figure.  Less than $300 for a half acre of land.

Documentation of the transaction was also an interesting process. The local village chief was invited to the closing in exchange for a small gratuity.  The chief has the responsibility to authorize all sales transactions in the village.  The chief's name, signature and stamp were applied to the the deed of sale.  This will help reinforce our title to the property in the future. The transaction gives us rights to the property for 99 years.