Mama Stacey introduces Uno to the Pangeti girls

Uno has been played by millions of families over 50+ years. I remember playing the game as a child with my family.

Mama Stacey teaches the girls how to play Uno

Stacey (AKA Moma Stacey or Mayi Abusa) brought Uno cards from the U.S. The objective was to introduce the game to the girls in Pangeti family. The girls were very interested and gave Stacey their undivided attention. Stacey explained the game in English. Elijah translated for her. She received blank stares. She then dealt the cards and instructed them to play a test game to teach the rules.

The girls start to understand the game

It should be noted that the girls had never played a card game before. This was the first for them.

The first couple of games were difficult. Some of the cards are in English. Draw Twos and Reverse proved to be a challenge. A few games later the girls were experts. We saw their competive side emerge. Repeat Winners on day 1 were Naomi, Eliza and Ruth.

We received several photos 2 weeks after our visit. The photos reflected the intense usage of the cards over the two week period. It turned from a time filler to a time waster. They were playing instead of studying. Not good. We instructed mama to hold the cards for weekends and play time.

The girls have requested another set of Uno cards. We will make sure to provide more robust cards next time. Lesson learned.

The girls master the game