Spring Term Report Cards

The Pangeti girls eagerly wait to show their "report cards" to Pastor Kampmo.

The girls in the Pangeti family recently brought home their Spring Term Class Rankings. They lined up on the front porch of their home to individually show Prince Kampomo how they performed.

Special accolades go to Eliza (red shirt) and Regina (handing Prince her report card) who have jumped to #1 in their respective classes. We also recognize Stella, Naomi and (pink shirt) Agnes (sitting next to the column) for sizeable improvement in their class rankings.

It is notable that Stella jumped from #37 to #6. Stella was the child who was abducted by her grandmother and taken to Mozambique one year ago. We are very proud of her.

Chart reflects changes in class ran of the recent spring term vs. the Fall 2022 term.

We believe that the turnaround in the girls academic outcomes are a clear result of:

* Love

* Attention

* Encouragement

* Competition

* Regular nutrition

* Clothing

* After school tutor

* Prayer