Meet 4 year old Maria (Images below). She and her grandparents were recently interviewed by several Orphan Shade board members.  She is a candidate for Foster Home #1 in Mpangeti, Malawi.  Both her parents have passed away.  She and a few siblings are living with grandparents in the village.  Unfortunately, the grandparents are struggling to care and feed the children.  This is a common story in this village and across rural Malawi.

Maria was one of 33 girls and their guardians that the Orphan Shade board members interviewed over multiple days and two trips to the Mpangeti village.  We anticipate room for a maximum of 8 girls plus the house parents In foster home #1.  It is a bit overwhelming to start off in a deficit position.  However, we acknowledge that we will need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to make tough choices.

The ladies that performed the interviews were surprised how many children in the village were living without any adult care and oversight.   These children tended to be orphaned siblings who were “led“ by the oldest brother or sister.  It was observed that these children often lived in absolute squalor.  No pictures we taken.

Maria mostly fits our selection criteria.  The criteria are:

  • The child is between the ages of 5 and 10 years old
  • The child is a double orphan (both parents have passed away)
  • The child resides in the village were the foster home is located
  • The guardians approve entry into the foster home
  • We are able to document the child’s and the parents history

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Maria and her grandparents
Grandparent’s home

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to make selection decisions over the next month or so.