Hunting for land in Mdeka Village

We are negotiating to buy land for a home in the Mdeka village. Shhh. Don's tell anyone you know in Malawi. Mdeka (red pin) is about 45 minutes north of Blantyre.

Our original plan was to purchase land and build home #3 in the Lirangwe village (south of Mdeka). Unfortunately, land prices have shot up by 3 to 4X in the last 6 months. There is speculation that the government will build a stadium in Lirangwe. Therefore, we moved our sights to Mdeka.

The seller is a farmer. He currently grows peas on the land. The picture below displays Me. Agnes Chilema picking peas (with permission). She said they were delicious.

Our partner has a mature and healthy church in the village. The local church is very excited about the new family home that will be constructed there.

One of the key benefits is the closeness of the location to Blantyre. There other homes are 4 hours away from Blantyre by car. This will allow us make a visit to the church and family during the day and be home by late afternoon.

We hope to close on the land shortly and start discussions with our builder to construct home #3.

Ms. Agnes Chilemba picking peas on the property
From left: the seller, Ms. Agnes Chilemba and Pastor Prince Kampomo