Giving is Better than Receiving

Malawi is experiencing drought and food storages.

Drought Pushes Millions Into ‘Acute Hunger’ in Southern Africa

New York Times, by Somini Sengupta and Manuela Andreoni, April 18th 2024)

“An estimated 20 million people in southern Africa are facing what the United Nations calls “acute hunger” as one of the worst droughts in more than four decades shrivels crops, decimates livestock and, after years of rising food prices brought on by pandemic and war, spikes the price of corn, the region’s staple crop.”

Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe have all declared national emergencies.

It is a bitter foretaste of what a warming climate is projected to bring to a region that’s likely to be acutely affected by climate change, though scientists said on Thursday that the current drought is more driven by the natural weather cycle known as El Niño than by global warming.”


The picture above displays the girls in the Pangeti village giving a heavy 110 lbs bag of maize to Pastor Kausiwa of the local FWDC church. Pastor Kausiwa was completely surprised by the gift.

Our donors made it possible to provide needed food to over 500 FWDC church families represented in the area. We estimate that 10,000 lbs of maize was doistributed.

Funny story: You will note in the pictures below that the girls are not smiling. Prince Kampomo asked them to smile for the pictures. They could not. He asked them why they were down. They responded that they were upset that their food was being given away. They did not realize that we bought a portion for