Update on the girls from Mpangeti.

Our team in Malawi shared these photos of double orphan girls from the village that meet our selection criteria.   They have basically the same story:

  • Both parents died of HIV or another illness at age ~25
  • The child has been cared for by a grandparent, aunt or uncle for several years
  • The caregiver earns money by farming a small plot of land in the village
  • The caregiver is struggling to provide food, clothing for the child and other siblings
  • Several of the girls have asthma
  • The child attends public school that is 2 to 3 miles away
  • The caregiver wants a better future for the child

Our next steps is to invite the girls to come to Blantyre as a group.  We want to observe how they behave and interact in a group setting.

Please pray for these girls, their guardians and us as we walk through the selection process.

Images of some of the girls follow:

Rose - Age 4

Maria - Age 5

Stella  Age 6

Cecelia - Age 7

Elizabeth - Age 7

Naomi - Age 7

Agi - Age 8

Regina - Age 9