Construction of the foundation is underway on Home #1 in the Mpangeti village in southern Malawi.   Th M’Bandakucha (translates as work from sun up to sun down) builders have dug the footers by hand, poured cement and built the first stage of the foundation with concrete blocks.

This foster home will shelter two house parents and 6 to 8 girls from this village that have lost both of their parents to HIV, Malaria or just an early death.  The house parents under the oversight of the local church pastor will raise the girls until adulthood to be followers of Jesus and nation changers in their own country.

This area in southern Malawi experiences very heavy rain and associated flooding In the rainy season (January through April). Therefore, the foundation must be constructed to endure the harsh weather.

Hand dug footer to establish the first stage of the foundation.

Cement and quarry gravel is poured in the footer and is allowed to cure.

The M’Bandakucha builders lay three rows of concrete blocks on top of the concrete footer.

The next phase of the foundation is laying rebar and pouring cement.