Orphan Shade Elevator Pitch
February 5, 2022
by Jay Schierloh

Pitch the Orphan Shade ministry to someone in 30 seconds or less.

Our Vision:  Equip the local village church in southern Malawi to rescue double orphans, build a home, create a new family, raise the child with purpose and impact the village and the nation for the kingdom.

Elisa, Regina, Maria, Marita, Cecilia, Naomi, Stella and Agnes.

Whom We Serve:   Double orphans (both parents are deceased) between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.  

Their Challenges: Nearly one million orphans have lost one or both parents to HIV complications or early death.  These children are generally taken in by grandparents or aunts.  However, the children (especially girls) have significant risk of exploitation, abuse and are often subjected to marriage relationships by age 12.

Pangeti home constructed by M'Bandakucha Builders.
Pangeti girls return to school with new clothes and backpacks.

Our Solution:  Our partner, Faith Works Dynamite Church (FWDC), is a vibrant network of rural village churches in southern Malawi. Orphan Shade provides resources to purchase land and build a family home in a tribal village to shelter 8 village children and their new house parents.  The pastor from the local FWDC village church oversees the home, house parents and children.  Our approach is very distinct from traditional residential orphanages that remove and isolate children from their own tribal village, culture and family.

Our Distinctives:  The partnership with FWDC supports the sustainability of Orphan Shade.  Orphan Shade is aligned with local FWDC leaders to deliver care and oversight.  The local FWDC church association with Orphan Shade creates a ministry platform to reach the lost.

Our Goals:  The first foster home was built and opened in2021 (pictured above).  We plan to build two additional homes per year beginning in 2022. This rate will provide homes and a new family for 16 double orphans per year.

How We Generate Revenue:  Individual and corporate donations to Orphan Shade in the U.S. support new home construction and ongoing operating costs.

New family Introduction at the grand opening ceremony.

Our Needs:  Land, construction, furnishings, and start-up costs are $20,000 USD per home.  The operating cost for a home is about $280 USD per month or $35.00 USD per child.