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Whom We Serve: Orphans in rural Malawi Africa that have lost both of their parents to HIV and related diseases. An extended family member reluctantly becomes the child’s guardian. The guardian usually lacks resources and struggles to feed, clothe, and sendthe child to school. Therefore, the orphan must face the trauma from the loss of their parents, experience food insecurity, unable to attend school, and are at a significant risk of exploitation. Girls are subjected to marriage relationships to older men by age 12. Their prospects for the future are not good.

Elisa, Regina, Maria, Marita, Cecilia, Naomi, Stella and Agnes.

Our Vision: Equip the local village church in Malawi to rescue the local orphan, build a home and have loving parents raise the children in a family. The vision includes repeating this model to create new families in hundreds of villages across the southern region of Malawi. We seek to raise a generation of educated adults to be leaders, pastors, politicians, entrepreneurs, and educators that influence substantive positive change in the country. It is a big vision.

Our Partner: A church network of rural village churches in southern Malawi (see map). The church leadership volunteer their time to provide oversight and lead the effort to establish new families. Members of the local village church are volunteers that support, care for, and provide oversight for the family. This partnership is essential for the sustainability of Orphan Shade model.

Pangeti home constructed by M'Bandakucha Builders.
Pangeti girls return to school with new clothes and backpacks.

Our Model: Orphan Shade is NOT an institutional orphanage. It is a family. The children grow up in their own village, are near their extended family, attend the local school, participate in the church, and experience the love and care of volunteer parents. The children enjoy consistent nutritious meals, practice good hygiene, receive health care, and after school learning. The focus is to prepare the child’s body, mind, and spirit for the mission ahead.

Our Goals: Scale our existing model to open two family homes per year. That translates to rescuing sixteen double orphans annually. This expansion will require additional funding and resources to deliver on the goal.

Our Needs: Land, construction, furnishings, and start-up costs total $42,500 USD per home. The recurringmonthly cost to support a family of 10 is $800.00 USD. The monthly cost to support one child is $45.00 USD