We had just participated in a funeral of a teenage girl from the church in the village outside of Mangochi.  The 15 year old Christian girl in a Muslim village had died from malaria on the previous day.  Needless to say the funeral was a very somber event.  I decided to leave the funeral site (a very large mango tree) on the hot afternoon and proceeded to walk around the village to clear my head.

A small group of village children started to follow me on my walk.  I pretended to hide from them to see if they would follow me.  Sure enough, they followed me around houses, animal shelters and trees playfully laughing.  They eventually caught up with me.

A girl in the bunch smiled at me and pointed at my sunglasses.  I happen to be wearing a pair of cheap sunglasses that I purchased in Houston prior to my Malawi trip (I am terrible about losing sunglasses).  I handed the sunglasses to her.   She put them on her head.  The other three children laughed.

I though it might be an excellent opportunity to capture a few images (see below) of each child wearing the my cheap sunglasses.  The oldest girl put the sunglasses on upside down.  We all laughed.  The youngest boy cautiously put the sunglasses on.  We laughed again.  It was a great time.

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