Returning to Malawi

Yes. We are going to Malawi this year. After a two year hiatus due to health.

Jay was diagnosed with Neuro Sarcoidosis (NS) in October 2022. NS is a rare inflammatory disease with associated symptoms of intense headaches, facial shocks and low energy. Unfortunately, there is no cure or magic pill for the disease.

The treatment has been a combination of steroids and immunosuppressants to reduce the inflammation and lower the immune system to stop from fighting the body.

We give all the glory to God as the disease is now in remission. Jay is now back to regular activity and able to make the journey to Africa.

We have much to do while in Malawi for 7 weeks beginning in early May. Our plans include:

  • Spend quality time with Prince Kampomo (co-founder) and Susan (fiancé)
  • Plan and celebrate the grand opening of home #3 in Mdeka village
  • Visit with and express gratitude to all of our volunteers
  • Meet with our Board of Trustees
  • Visit the Chipolopolo family (#2) for the first time and get to know the parents,  girls, Pastor July and his local church
  • Visit the Pangeti family (#1) and spend time with the parents, girls, Pastor Kausiwa and his local church
  • Preach and teach in multiple villages
  • Train our parents how to deal with child behaviors rooted in trauma
  • Initiate experiment with solar powered audio bibles in Chichewa language
  • Planning and negotiations to build home #4
  • Take Malawian business leaders to visit our families and establish relationships

Please pray for us as we prepare for the trip.