We stopped for directions in a Mangochi village bordering Lake Malawi.  A few children that were playing outside took notice of our white minivan. I waved.  An interesting social experiment started to occur.  

I waved again for the children to come near the minivan. I showed them my iPhone and proceeded to take pictures of the crowd. I showed them the pictures of them on my phone.  They laughed.  I noticed that more and more children were drawn to the crowd.  They wanted to see what the mzungu (white man) with the camera was doing.

I made a funny face. I pointed at my face. They responded by making their own funny faces (see the picture gallery). I showed them the picture. They laughed hysterically.  More children arrived and joined the rowdy crowd

The crowd pressed in further. I waved them in for another picture. I asked the crowd to yell by demonstrating. They were very obedient. Many raised there hands and proceeded to yell. I captured the image (see the last picture). Showed them the result. They laughed loudly. We then had to depart and move on down the road to make an appointment. I waved goodbye. Multiple children chased behind as we left the village.

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