Pastor Kampomo poses with orphans from Chipolopolo or neighboring villages.

Do you remember what your childhood was like at age 7? Perhaps you were learning to ride a bike, practice cart wheels, or climb a tree in the backyard? Imagine a very different life at age 7. You live in Sub-Saharan Africa. You lost both your mother and father to HIV. You do not know if you will eat today. You are at risk of sexual abuse, child marriage, and even child trafficking. You have been exposed to witchcraft, wreaking havoc on your health and well-being. These orphan children in Malawi need a break.

Orphan Shade serves these orphans with support of our donors. We provide them with a family home and volunteer parents. Would you partner with us? We plan to construct family home #4 in 2024. This home will provide shelter for eight orphans and two volunteer parents. The one-time cost to build, furnish, and open a home is $42,000. You can help us by contributing towards the cost of this home. Please consider sponsoring one element of the home below:

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The church woman (do not know her name) and Elizabeth (AKA Ruth).

Elizabeth (right) lost both her mother and father at age 5. An uncle was assigned as her guardian but was not able to provide for her. Elizabeth found herself living completely on her own. With nowhere to lay her head, she slept in a foul-smelling goat pen. She begged the residents of the village for food but frequently went to bed hungry. Having compassion, a local village church woman (left) recommended we take her in. Elizabeth quickly requested a new name as there was already an Elizabeth in the family. Stacey Schierloh named her Ruth. With the help of Orphan Shade donors, Ruth’s life is forever changed.  She now has a new name, two parents, a healthy life, and sleeps in a real bed.

Ruth has a sponsor in the U.S. who prays for and supports her. Our Kulera Mwana (Adopt a Child) program facilitates the connection of a praying adult and an Orphan Shade child in Malawi. The primary purpose is prayer for the child’s present and future. A secondary purpose is financial support for the child in the form of a recurring donation of $40.00 monthly. Click on the link to make a recurring donation to support a child.