August 15, 2022
by Jay Schierloh
Stella (age 7) in November 2021 Grand Opening

We announced back in April that one of our Pangeti family girls, Stella, was abducted from school by her guardian. The guardian subsequently fled the village with Stella and crossed the border into Mozambique. The unexpected loss of Stella was traumatic for the Pangeti family and church.

First photo of Stella in mid-2021

Several teams from the Pangeti church have diligently searched for Stella since April (I did not know this fact). One team discovered Stella in remote area of Mozambique two weeks ago. Stella was living in a hut with an unknown family in a very remote village in the jungle.

Prince Kampomo carries Stella in the Mozambique jungle

Pastor Prince Kampomo set off for Mozambique with Pastor Kausiwa, Stella's teenage brother and a few others 8 days ago. They traveled by boat, motorcycle, canoe and on foot across the Shire river and through the jungles of Mozambique. They ate from wild fruit trees and were dependent on locals for water.

They reached the home in the village and saw Stella. She immediately recognized them and rushed towards them and initiated big hugs with all. Pastor Kampomo described the event as emotionally powerful.

Pastor Kampomo met with the village headman and the local police over several days. A negotiation then ensued with the police for Stella's release. They came to terms on a “facilitation payment” and were able to start the return journey to Pangeti with Stella.  

The team plus Stella made the journey back to Pangeti and experienced a few unexpected events (save for later). Pastor Kampomo brought Stella to Blantyre yesterday for a medical check up and general observation.

We are so thankful for all involved in the rescue!!!