December 25, 2022
by Jay Schierloh

We started the very early in the morning and the girls were very excited and ready for adventure: Here are some of the pictures:

After we passed Ntchalo ( i.e sugar factory, as we about to pass the sugar plantations, here comes a nightmare occurred. It had rained heavily a night before and the M1 road was completely cut by water and no vehicle could to or from Blantyre.

It broke the hearts of the girls….. they were looking forward to spend their time in Blantyre for Merry Christmas 🎁

But it’s here that our mood changed:

We push our way forward, so we see the problem with our own eyes

After our eye saw this we decided to use our time properly: Here are the pictures

Here we saw a light of hope and we hurried to our car 🚗 of freedom:

Here the girls were disappointed and said we can just walk to Blantyre

Finally our opportunity came and we were ready to crossover. Though we got stuck people were willing to help to rescue us for money and indeed they help us:

There was great excitement when we finally crossover. Life came back upon the girls

Finally the girls are in Blantyre