Next Step: Groundbreaking
July 9, 2020
by Jay Schierloh

The team in Malawi is planning a groundbreaking ceremony in the Mpangeti village. The event will include ministry to people in the local village, the official groundbreaking, a contract signing with our builder and initial meetings with double orphans in the village. The purpose is to celebrate and demonstrate that we are serious and the project is getting ready to begin.

Prince will invite the local chief and the area chief (Chief Head man) to the event. He also plans to invite the local MP (Minister of Parliament) that represents the city of Chikwawa (population 6,100). A map image of Chikwawa is below. Their attendance will ramp up the profile of the event to the people of the village.

We were prevented from scheduling this event earlier in the Spring due to the arrival of Covid-19 in Malawi and the presidential elections in late June. The disease has caused the expected responses by government and business leaders. The country has been effectively locked down for several months.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the event. However, Prince has promised to capture pictures and video of the event. We have supplied a digital camera that will be operated by a college student from the church in Blantyre. This should make it much easier to capture still and video images as events like the groundbreaking occur.

We hope to share images from the event in August.