January 3, 2023
by Jay Schierloh

A young girl by the name of Tobi, attended the same school as the Orphan Shade (OSM) girls in Pangeti. Tobi generally arrived at school very late. One day the teacher asked her, “Why do you come to school late all the time?”. Before Tobi could answer tears begin to flow down her cheek. Malita (age 10), one of the girls from OSM,knew very the reason why Tobi has been late for classes. Malita told the teacher, “Tobi is late for classes because she takes care of her sick mother.” 

The mother has been sick and incapacitated since 2014. The mother was unable to walk, cook, wash her body, fetch water or firewood.  She was not able to go the toilet on her own. Her 12-year-old daughter, Tobi, did everything for her mother since her father died in 2017 (Tobi was 3 years old).

A few weeks ago one of the OSM (Orphan Shade Malawi) girls becomesick. Instead of going to the regional clinic, Mayi Chilemba (Board Member)asked the other seven girls to come surround and lay their hands on the illsister and believe God for her healing. The Lord immediately answered theirprayers. 

Malita vividly remembered the healing.  Marita told her friendTobi to bring her mother so that the Mayi Chilemba and the girls can pray forher healing at the OSM house.

Unfortunately, the mother couldn’t walk by herself. The girls broughtthe news to the Mayi Chilemba.  So they all went to the house to pray for Tobi’s mother.  God almighty in heavenanswered their prayers.  Tobi’s mother was completely healed.  She walked to the OSMhouse on December 20th to give a testimony to Prince Kampomo and give glory toGod for deliverance and healing.

Prince Kampomo vists with Tobi’s mom at the Pangeti home.

From left: Susan (Prince’s fiancé), Prince,Tobi’s mom and Mayi Chilemba.


Please feel free to forward this story to friends and family at Christmas. It is a reinforcement that Jesus remains on the throne intervening in the lives of real people via the Holy Spirit.


This story encourages us mightily.  Weoften get stuck in the morass dealing with daily problems and frustrations(This is Malawi). This event serves to reminds me that our motto has legs –“Raise a Generation to Change a Nation”. Thank you for participating in thisjourney with us.


Merry Christmas,


Jay, Stacey & Prince