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The cost of a new home and associated land in a tribal village is estimated at $32,000.00 USD. The structure is an African style 4 bedroom home with a concrete foundation, concrete block structure, wood gables, sheet steel roof, doors and windows. The interior and exterior will be plastered and painted. The home will not have electric or water service due to the location. Therefore, the house will be outfitted with a solar energy system for basic lighting in the home.

An Orphan Shade home will be significantly more durable than a typical home in a village. Many villages in the southern region of Malawi experience severe flooding and powerful rain storms that can damage or even destroy a typical village home. These homes are normally constructed with homemade bricks, adhered with mud and covered with a straw roof or very thin sheet steel.

Our approach is to build the same standard home in multiple villages. This will ultimately result in cost savings as we leverage discounts on quantities of building materials and seek discounts from a builder for a future volume of work.


Please consider a one-time donation towards the cost of a new home.